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Carlos Raymond is definitely the embodiment of the great American Dream. He was born to immigrant parents in Panama, Republic of Panama on July 24, 1949. Despite his family’s low economic status, his parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and greatly influenced his high regard for public service.

Shortly after his high school graduation in 1968, Carlos, along with four other friends, left Panama en route to the United States in pursuit of a better way of life for himself, his parents, and younger siblings.

Carlos joined the United States Army in 1971. As a result of an injury he sustained in 1971 while serving in the line of duty, Carlos is a Disabled American Veteran.

While in the Army, he achieved his educational pursuits as a result of his determination and desire to work as a Radiology (X-Ray) Technologist. Using his G.I. Bill, Carlos received an Associate’s degree in medical science from the University of the District of Columbia and a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia State University.

Carlos Raymond has been employed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a Certified Radiology Technologist, and the U.S. Department of the Army as a Budget Analyst. He tendered his military resignation at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) – Fort Sam Houston in 2005. Upon his retirement, he decided to return to the field of real estate, which he first entered in 1986 while in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently specializing in single family residential sales as a Realtor with Icon Realty in San Antonio, Carlos holds three professional real estate designations.

As a public servant, Carlos’ years of community involvement are a testament of his willingness to lend a helping hand to those in need. He volunteers with several organizational initiatives in various capacities including: American Red Cross, disaster relief efforts – mass shelter/feeding; Raul Jimenez Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless; Fisher Homes, preparing and serving meals to wounded soldiers with Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA); and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Carlos also volunteers his time to provide critically injured veterans transportation to the Veterans Administration to apply for benefits. When asked about his purpose and calling in life, Carlos responds, “My priority is to demonstrate public servant leadership as I give back to the community,” he proclaims.

With over 44 years of military service, federal civil service, and community service combined, as well as his experience as a volunteer coordinator and Bexar County Precinct Chair 2016 for presidential campaigns, Carlos is equipped with political experience and leadership skills to effectively serve in the Texas House of Representatives as an advocate for District 117.

Carlos is committed to being a political voice for disadvantaged young (Black, Hispanic and Asian) men of color, veterans, the middle and working class poor and other immigrants.

As a born again and devoted Christian, Carlos is also committed to use his influential voice to provide balanced solutions to the preservation of the institution of traditional marriage and the many areas in need of reform-education, apartment/tenant, tax, police, and gender pay.

Carlos will also address economic development, job creation-including knowledge based jobs in technology, healthcare, minimum wage concerns, and other fiscal issues. Regarding his perspective on fiscal matters, Carlos says, “I think we should adopt the slogan compassionate conservatism.” We can be fiscally conservative without losing our commitment to the needy; we must redirect our policy in that direction.”

People who know Carlos describe him as an honest, personable leader who possesses integrity, compassion, confidence, and exceptional communication skills. Whatever the task, Carlos is committed to following through with excellence and precision. He is the right choice for Texas State Representative for District 117.












The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China



Vietnam Era Veteran’s Ceremony 2019



San Antonio Community Outreach

We Feed 30,000 Senior, Disable and Veterans each Year for Thanksgiving Day.
Julian Castro, Mayor and Now Candidate For President Of The United States.
Julian Is Not My Favorite Candidate, But Still Wishing Him well, just the same.




Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner serves more than 25,000 guests
Thanksgiving tradition began in 1979

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